Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thank you for the excellent service!

I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent service we have received during our contact with you and will unhesitatingly recommend your service wherever and whenever I can.

Many thanks
Ms Blau

No elderly person should be without TeleCare!

I am so grateful for the TeleCare System that helped my 86 year old father when he fell in his flat late at night and could not get up. TeleCare contacted me immediately after arranging an ambulance for him and kept me updated the whole time. No elderly person should be without TeleCare!

Ms Fulkes

Living so far away from Mom - TeleCare gives me peace of mind

I live half way across the globe from my 76 year old Mom, knowing she has TeleCare at her finger tips gives me tremendous peace of mind.

Ms. Lombardi
New York

Monday, April 29, 2013

Burglary and Hostage averted by TeleCare™ at the Noble residence in Goodwood

Mr and Mrs Noble’s (elderly couple) son provided them with a GSM TeleCare™ system two months ago. They stay in Goodwood. Just a week ago, intruders cut their telephone lines and entered their home at the back through the kitchen door.

Mr Noble was forced to the ground by one intruder who demanded money from him, but Mr Noble managed to press the TeleCare™ help button around his neck. The GSM TeleCare™ system still worked even after the telephone lines were disabled and the TeleCare™ call centre responded through the base station within 15 seconds, which caused the two intruders to run away.

Mr and Mrs Noble said that TeleCare™ saved their lives and would recommend this service to any South African!

TeleCare™ saves Mrs Sangye's life - for the second time...

Mrs Sangye from Claremont pressed her help button yesterday, after she heard something in her house. The TeleCare™  call centre spoke into the house through the CareStation™ within 20 seconds - which was the same time that the intruder entered her bedroom. The intruder fled immediately when our voice was heard.

The next day TeleCare™  also assisted in finding Mrs Sangye a handyman to repair the door.  Mrs Sangye said that this is now the second time that she has experienced a security breach at her home and in both cases TeleCare™ has caused the intruder to flee.

Mrs Sangye says "Thank you for saving my life - TeleCare™ is my guardian angel"!  

Monday, April 15, 2013

TeleCare™ gave us peace of mind...

TeleCare™ has been our buddy for the past 8 months. It gave us peace of mind when leaving my father alone in the house when we popped out to the shops or went to walk the dogs.  Always a comfort to know help was 30 seconds away.

We did make use of TeleCare™ when my father started haemorrhaging one morning.  My mother, 82, was at home with dad and needed assistance to get him to the hospital.  The ambulance arrived promptly and the staff were very professional when assisting mom and dad in the crisis; calming them and convincing dad that he did need to go to hospital

Thank you TeleCare™ for being an ever present partner – you were there when we needed you.

Sadly dad did pass away recently after a long illness.

As discussed, would really appreciate if the TeleCare™ unit can be donated to Hospice.  They are an amazing organisation and this unit really does give the immediate family of a terminally ill person a little more independence, flexibility and peace of mind to leave their loved ones for short periods.

Kind Regards

Mrs. Voges
Cape Town

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I love TeleCare!

I love TeleCare - it is my guardian angel!

Ms. SJ Warren
Cape Town